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Learn Lisp The Hard Way

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If you benefit from this project and would like to help keep it going, please consider a small donation to cover the expenses of hosting, development, and on-going maintenance.

Donations are accepted from individuals via PayPal, Bitcoin, or Litecoin, or “in-kind” via referral links. Corporate entities wishing to sponsor this project have additional options, terms, and conditions.

Please note: we welcome feedback, criticism, content suggestions and contributions to this project, however, we cannot and will not show any favoritism to feature or content requests from those who provide donations over those who do not. This site, its content and source-code are made freely available under the terms of the MIT License, except for the book text of Learn Lisp The Hard Way itself which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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The easiest way to help support Learn Lisp The Hard Way is to sign up with Digital Ocean using the referral link below. Digital Ocean provides convenient, droplet-based cloud hosting services that make it a cinch to deploy and administrate your Lisp-based distributed web applications.

For signing up to Digital Ocean with our referral link, you get $10 USD in credit to use immediately—and then when you've reached $25 USD in billings, Learn Lisp The Hard Way gets $25 USD in credit that is applied directly to our hosting, helping us keep the book online for free in perpetuity.

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Corporate Sponsors

Corporate entities (“the company”) wishing to sponsor the “Learn Lisp the Hard Way” project (LLTHW) may be considered, under the following terms:

  • The company produces software in Common Lisp and actively hires Common Lisp developers
  • The company wishes to be identified as a Common Lisp company
  • The company logo is displayed as a sponsor on the LLTHW home page
  • The company understands that sponsorship does not entail the waiving or assigning of any rights in LLTHW to the company
  • The company understands that it is not entitled to any percentage of any profits earned by this site or its content if it is ever monetized in any format at any point in the future

In addition, Common Lisp companies which actively contribute to open-source software will be given preference.

Please contact the author for more information.


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